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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a wedding video is worth a million pictures.

Pictures are great, but they cannot capture the full essence of the day like video can. With a video you can see AND hear what the day was like...see true emotions, hear laughter, experience joyful tears.  Photos are great, but they can't do that.

wedding photo from decatur, illinois

We have spoken to countless couples who have been on either side of the equation:

1. They didn't get a wedding video. They regret it for years to come. They wish they could rewind and see their first dance. They wish they could hear the voice of their grandparents again, and see the happiness all around. They have their pictures but they just don't suffice. They truly regret not having a video done.

2. They went ahead and got a video and years later they realize what a great decision it was. And they are happy that a professional did it and not just some family member or student with cheap equipment and little expertise or experience. They know that they can put that video in the DVD or Bluray player on their anniversary and truly relive the moment.  

What side of this equation do you want to be on?

Call us today to schedule your wedding video.  We book as far as a year in advance so don't wait!

Although we are located in Decatur, Illinois, we also travel to Champaign, Springfield, Bloomington and all the towns in between.  We've been doing this for almost 15 years now, so call today and rest easy that your memories are in good hands!

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